5 Reasons why you should choose "Engagement Photo Session" before Wedding

Wedding is once in lifetime event, the one big day which has plenty of elements and details to look over. Its natural that everyone involved in wedding details like bride and groom attire, accessories, appointments with wedding planner, photographer, designer, limo rentals, invitations, decorations, DJ and what not...the list never ends. Ahh, so overloaded and busy?? We hear your mind voice but, apart from every inch of details you are looking forward in a wedding day we recommend you to choose for "Engagement Session" before wedding. Trust me its worth that time and effort.

Here are top 5 reasons for opting engagement shoot:

1. Only chance to celebrate your love before wedding: While you are out to celebrate your love and joy together out of your busy schedule, you would also realize you happen to have a best of lone time to know each other. You will be more relaxed and tend to be authentically natural the way you are. Whereas, wedding images are more formal and planned, engagement photos tend to be more like the way you are. So, capturing the natural shots would really put up the silver lining to your wedding story.

2. Best way to receive images for announcements: Weddings are special and so are your guests. Initially, you would be planning on creative ideas for invitations to your close ones and friends. Now a days, its very common to have a wedding site to share your invitations, your wedding story, announcements about your wedding through social media. These images would become the most important ingredient for completing your invitations and sharing your journey with friends and family.

3. Build rapport with your photographer: Its always better to know the people whom you are working with during wedding plan. As you are sure to be occupied with multiple plans, you may not find space to know your photographer. But, engagement session will give you and the photographer to get to know each other to create a comfort level for both. For a photographer, they will get to know what works best for you in terms of camera. For you, building the rapport will boost your confidence in working with your photographer so you know your images are in good hands.

4. Good opportunity to get used to camera: Unless you are a professional model or someone used to camera exposure, one needs practice to pose in front of camera to avoid awkward situations on Wedding Day. Engagement session is more like giving you that exposure to camera, you will come across best expressions, poses, angles and positions that works best for you in front of camera. This will also boost your comfort and confidence to face the camera on your big day.

5. More space for creative and natural shots: While wedding photography runs on timelines, you seek more space and time for creative shots during engagement sessions. Moreover, you are free to shoot the session in nature or indoor at your home or the place which is memorable for you, the way you want to dress up, its completely your choice. Both bride and groom to be enjoy the time together while the photographer captures genuinely their love story in their own natural style.

Engagement sessions are always very special for the Couple who is getting married because those are experiences that cannot be expressed in words. The most loving beautiful moments to be remembered in your love diary. For more information on best places for engagement sessions, dressing tips, best time to shoot etc in Colubmus, Ohio. please feel free to reach us.

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