COVID-19 cannot stop Artists from creating Masterpiece !!!

Yes! you heard it right COVID is not forever. Considering the statistics and increase in cases is challenging for anyone to get into outside world with a "new" normal (Mask/Sanitizer and 6 feet distancing). The risk of getting caught with COVID is everywhere.

But, let me tell you the simple truth: "You have to live with it". Hence, we "The Artists" - "Photographers" are keeping up with creating our masterpiece at "The BH Studio" with some new rules:

Rule 1: Only Outdoor Photography

Outdoor locations like parks, lakes or simply a backyard of your house allows both photographer and their model to keep 6 feet distancing. Its summer and best time for outdoors. Not only ensures safety but also gives great opportunity to frame a beautiful background for photos.

Rule 2: Hygiene Mantra

Its very important you ensure hygiene around your client by using sanitizer, wear gloves and mask while shooting. You may also clean your tools before going for a photo session.

Rule 3: Reschedule if anyone sick

There's always a possibility of any of your client or photographer who might get cold, cough or fever in general. Be mindful to reschedule your photo session if this condition exists either with anyone involved in the shoot. Make sure you keep a gap of 2 weeks while you reschedule your shoot.

Rule 4: Carry right EQUIPMENT'S

Since we are following 6 feet distancing rule, photographer must carry different zooming lenses for compensating the distancing and its good to have multiple lenses of high end quality.

Rule 5: Keep up SMILE

In this stressful environment everyone has a lot going on. So please keep up your smile to make your subject comfortable and confident in front of camera. Make sure you share your preventive steps for photo session with your client, that ensures them to be aware of the changes in the way you are planning to shoot the session.

Apart from above new rules of working on photography, please put forward a question if your subject has any other specifications to follow during the session. Remember, every moment and occasion that could not be celebrated with your loved ones can be now frozen in the camera. Photographs have always been special to capture your life moments and will always be the same.

Once again this is a temporary situation let's all be together in it and let's make it better for everyone. Stay safe and stay happy!

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