Are you a camera conscious person? here are top 5 tips for you.

Updated: May 25, 2020

If you think you are camera shy or you act crazy in front of camera, let me tell you that's quite normal. People who are not very much used to camera or not comfortable would tend to be conscious. Often during photo shoot and events we come across 70% of the customers who are camera conscious.

Further, we have observed that too many things going around on event arrangements and the people around them make it stressful on how one looks and acts in front of them. We know how important it is to have those memories captured in the way you naturally are. Here are some simple tips for you to overcome it and look bold and natural in front of camera:

  1. Practice - Its very important that you practice in front of mirror and rehearse for few days on how you look in each different expressions, this will not only prepare you for your big day but will boost the confidence within you. You can also take help from your family and friends on this.

  2. Comfort - Small things like your clothing, accessories, comfortable footwear can make you look nice and confident. Make sure you are 100% confident on what you choose to wear on that day. Don't forget about having trial sessions and alterations if needed. Make sure you are as comfortable to be posing in different angles. The more comfortable you are the more casual you would look.

  3. Meet - Make sure to meet your photographer, makeup artist, designer and others involved in event plan. Spend some time having conversations with them and work with people whom you feel comfortable working. This will ease the stress levels for you and keep you calm and composed during the event. Because you already know them by the time of event like a good friend.

  4. Forget the Camera - If you are hiring a professional certified photographer, then simply forget about the camera around you, enjoy the moments with people around you, just be yourself. I am sure you would see the real you in photos. Let the photographer do their job and you enjoy the event.

  5. Never forget to keep the Smile - No matter what, keep up the smile on your face as that itself will get you a special glow on your face and you would never know how beautiful a smile could be.

Simply, just be yourself and live in the moment as it reflects the "Real You" and a reflection captured as you wanted. Apart from the above common tips we have personalized suggestions for our clients based on their personality traits like not to look at camera directly or an artistic way of capturing them etc. For more details you can book a session with us here. Hope this helps you. Enjoy your day!!

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